OG ON’GOD is a brand of faith owned and operated by Mike Taulolo.  Prior to starting the business I worked at a distribution company as a supervisor for 10+ years.  That all changed when the 2020 pandemic hit.  To have put so much time and energy into something and lose it in the blink of an eye, I would be lying if I said it didn’t break my spirit.  

Little did I know, God had other plans.  
My wife and I prayed over our situation and what birthed out was our opportunity to let the world know who is still on the throne.  All I had was time and I wanted to use it wisely.  Therefore, I chose to make it a purpose for his gain.  

We all have that one who we look up to.  The one we can rely on, call on, lean on, etc… And for me and mine it’s ON’GOD.  

No matter what season you’re in or challenges you may face in this life, you don’t ever have to go at it alone.  
Be proud to rep your faith.  Help us continue to acknowledge him beyond the four walls of our homes and place of worship.  Let it be known who your OG is! 

All Love,

Mike Taulolo